Friday, December 02, 2022



The location of Pension Nikolas is the ideal starting point for getting to know the traditional town of Skiathos, close to the new harbour, the old harbour and the main street, Papadiamantis Street.

It is very close to the church of Trion Ierarchon with its square and the seven long and narrow stone steps that guide you down to the old harbour and to the wonderful Bourtzi islet.

Along this harbour you can choose restaurants, tavernas and café-bars at your leisure.

From here you can take one of the early morning kaikis departing for a tour around the islands, the little island of Tsougria and also the unique beach of Lalaria.


From the airport: By taxi to the port ( central gate), the distance is about 2 km. 

From the port: After you leave the harbour, walk up Papadiamantis Street until you reach the National Bank. 

From the first corner of the bank turn left and walk in front of the Taverna Mouria. 

Continue straight on the picturesque cobbled road for the last 50 metres.