Greeks know how to have fun and enjoy partying at night sometimes until early in the morning.                   

Be prepared to experience the best parties and music events on Skiathos! Almost everywhere on Skiathos, there are bars and clubs for every taste.

If you are planning to party all night long, the liveliest areas where you can meet mostly young people dancing inside and outside clubs are either the so-called Bar Street on the eastern side of the harbour or the area near Papadiamantis Street and the Trion Ierarchon Square, in the Old Town.

Yet the island is not only parties at clubs with buzzing dance music.

Do you prefer quieter nights near the seaside with cocktails and soft music? Removed from the glitter of the town, you can sit by the beach and enjoy a (cheap) drink in the cool of the evening and watch the ships come and go--this is the Aegean lifestyle at its best.